Sunday, July 23, 2017

WAT UP MIX VOL. 9 – Hello, my name is…

What better way to jump start your 2017 than to spend it on a night of good food, cheap beer, and great music? We are the Underdog...

Passion is Overrated. Here’s What Your Band Needs to Understand.

Graphic by Louise Pangyarihan We live in a cultural paradigm that extols the virtues of passion. It seems every other piece released on Medium or Thought Catalog is a rundown on the benef

The Almost Rockstars

Graphic by Dana Blaze We all had that dream of setting our foot on stage, amazing everyone with a voice or an instrument that became our second nature, while the crowd is singing along to

WAT UP COMICS #1: “First-come, First-play Daw”

Written by: Burn Mercado | Art by: Ess Bobadilla We got a gig. We were very excited. The organizers emphasized, “first-come, first-play”, so my band and I asked for a half-day leave f

14 Reasons Most Bands Fail

Graphic by Auie Yumang Years ago, during a gig of my now-on-hiatus band, Kontra Tiempo, I met Mr. Bing Austria, keyboardist of Pu3ska and the frontman of Flippin Soul Stompers a

Make the Most of Your First Indie Gig!

Take Five! Top 5 Bands To Listen To Right Now

Press Your Luck: A Crash Course on Band/Musician Press Kits

Talking by the Creek: Ian Penn is in the Artist Spotlight

Photo by Rain Kristoffer In a local scene where lo-fi New York indie-esque sounds, ambient electronic beats, and head bangers collide, Ian Penn’s sound stands out the most. The

Embracing the Void: Dissonänce Band Feature

Band Feature: Carousel Casualties